lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

martin margiela

It's been a while since he left the fashion industry.
He works with concepts such as deconstructivism, recycle and transformation.
This could apply to fashion and architecture, but there are different ways to achieve them.

Hidding the models face in the runway to make you focuse only in the garments, was a strong well done idea.
But unfurtunately in his architecture trying to work with this same concept (hidding the furniture under white cloth) isn't achieving the "losing the individual characteristics to form one whole unit"  effect that he is trying to, you can still see the form of what is underneath, so he's really not losing anything with this, except maybe a serious work.

 Floating chairs wrapped in white sheets? they are clearly not floating, I can see the big steel rod holding them, and the combination of this two makes them look like ghosts....
 or like the hotel is trying to keep everything clean.

It seems as if he just gave a bunch of ideas and somebody else developed them, and isn't that what has been happening to his house?
I don't see the carefull details I see in his collections and there is way more architecture in his clothes and shoes than in his actual architecture.

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